Saturday, June 22

Doorway To Paradise: How To Spruce Up The Doors Within Your Home

If your current doors just are not cutting it there are plenty of ways you can spruce up your doorways, some require more creativity and DIY knowledge than others but each one of these options will improve the aesthetics or function of your door. 

Ensure That Your Door Is Draft Proof

Before you make any visual changes to the doors within your house you should ensure that the doors do not let cold air escape. The easiest DIY way to do this is by sticking foam tape around the edges of your door as this can help reduce empty gaps around your door, therefore reducing the amount of heat lost. Another simple way to stop drafts is by investing in a draft excluder. Before you make your purchase make sure you know the colour/design that your door is going to be as this allows you to buy a draft excluder that colour matches well with the rest of the door. 

Give Your Doors A Fresh Lick Of Paint

If your doors are looking worse for wear you could paint them whatever colour you fancy, this could help your entire house feel fresh. If you have young children you could ask them if they want to paint their bedroom door (or yours), this could be a great time capsule as your children grow up. Alternatively, if you are particularly artistic yourself you could have a go at creating your masterpieces on the doors inside your home for a personal touch. 

Vinyl Door Wraps

Vinyl door wraps come in various colours, patterns and designs. When done right you can completely transform the doors within your home and make them more personalised to your taste and style choices, many online retailers offer a wide range of colourful and eyecatching graphic designs, you can even send in your photos to some retailers that will print your photos onto a door wrap.

Use Window Film

You can purchase adhesive window film to stick on your doors that can give a stained glass effect, you can either stick this directly onto wooden doors or you can stick it on windows that your doors may already have. Sticking a stained glass film on existing windows may give your home a more distinctive look.

Change The Door Handle

Another thing you can try is installing a new door handle, this gives you a lot of room to be creative as there’s a wide range of options you can choose from. You can even have a look at door handles throughout history, several designs from the 17th-19th century can give your home a distinguished look. 

Co-ordinate Your Front Door Colour With The Colour Of Your Window Frames

By using the same colour for both of these exterior elements of your house you can make your home look more coordinated which can provide a more striking look to the outside observer. You can also colour-coordinate your blinds or curtains with the colour of your door. Next time you are considering getting your blinds in Watford take an extra moment to ensure that the blind colour matches well with your door and windowsills.   

Add Colourful Hanging Baskets Near Your Front Door

Adding hanging baskets bursting with plantlife can elevate the curb appeal of your home, it is your choice what plantlife you want to grow out of these baskets meaning that you can find plants that colour coordinate well with the rest of your entryway. If you are new to gardening you may want to consider purchasing a plant that is already grown, just make sure you know the name of the plant so that you can research how to keep it alive! 

Install An Overhead Light Above Your Front Door

Installing an overhead light above your front door can help you see when you are fumbling around with your keys trying to unlock your front door. Adequate lighting can also be positive for the safety of your home; if you have lights visibly on in and around your house in the evening or at night you have a lower chance of being targeted by burglars. 

Add Unique Accessories Onto Your Front Door

This is a great way to show off your interests to outside observers, you could buy a figurine of your favourite animal or of a leaf for example to stick on your door. If you are good at DIY you could make this figurine your door knocker.

Spell Out Your House Numbers

Instead of putting numerical house numbers on your front door, you could step out of the norm by buying letters that you can assemble to say your house number. For example, if your house number was 1000, you could buy letters and spell out “One Thousand” for a distinctive look. If you are considering doing this you should make sure that you have adequate space to do it, as depending on your house number you may have to be placing a fare few letters down. 

Buy A New Welcome Mat 

There are plenty of welcome mats to choose from, ranging from those with striking patterns and colours to welcome mats with funny wording to make your guests chuckle. You can also buy doormats with graphical designs or designs that you have made yourself to be printed. 

Encourage Plantlife To Grow Around Your Door

If you encourage plantlife like vines to grow close to your door you could achieve a natural decoration that will require minimal upkeep as long as the plant gets enough water. You can nurture this plant and have it spread throughout the entirety of your front exterior wall if you want for an even more impressive look; you always have the option of giving it a trim if the plant gets too big to manage. 


Improving the doorways inside and outside of your home can give your home a much more distinctive feel and can make your home more memorable to visitors.