Saturday, June 22

DIY: How to Turn your Old Jeans Into New Ones

Do you want to update your wardrobe just in the spring? Then you can just go through all the old jeans you have and fix it yourself, easy!

When spring comes around,  most of us will want to update the wardrobe with new garments. But instead of going to the store and buying new, you can start by going through your own wardrobe and see what you can change.

Because you have a pair of old jeans you are tired of, you can turn them into new, fresh and a little more fun with a few simple tricks! A tip is also to ask family members or friends if they have old jeans they don’t use.

Everything from shorts, worn lengths or worn holes at the knees. Here are some things you can do with your old jeans, all on your own!

1. Cut the jeans into shorts

If you have a pair of jeans that you are super tired of, then shorts are a good alternative. Cut off, fold up and voilá! A whole pair of new shorts. Be sure not to cut into the jeans which are quite tight around the thighs, then the shorts will be quite uncomfortable.

You also need to ensure that your jeans are the correct waist size. There are different ways on how to make your jeans waist smaller, but a simple way is to make 2 small cuts on the waistband and thread a shoelace through the holes so you can easily tie the shoelace to give you the perfect fit.

2. Cut and wear the jeans at the bottom

Trimmed jeans are really trendier than ever right now. You can buy some everywhere, but why not fix your own at home?

3. Worn holes in the jeans over the knees

This can be done on all different types of jeans. Boyfriend jeans or tight jeans – it looks just as good! This spices up your outfit this spring and if it’s too cold you can always wear tights underneath.