Sunday, April 14

DIY: How to Repair Holes in Your Clothes

Has your child also come of age when they come home with holes in the pants? Or have your own clothes started to wear out? In this post, we share how you can quickly and easily repair holes in clothes.
Children at a young age play with the whole body – and that in itself is absolutely fantastic. What is less fantastic is the environmental conscience and the economy when you feel that you have to buy new clothes every month as the existing ones to break.
By repairing holes in clothes you extend the life of them, which in turn saves you money and does the environment a favor when you reduce wear and tear behavior.

Repair holes on clothes without a sewing machine

No, you don’t even have to deal with needle and thread to repair holes in clothes. In many jewelry, tailor, clothing shops etc, there are iron-on patches to buy. Choose pieces that match with your pants (or break off with a completely different color if you feel like it) and make sure the garment is clean and lying flat on an ironing board. Then iron the patches with iron as per the instructions on the package. Even though there are holes on only one leg, it may be good to iron on a piece of reinforcement even on the other leg, so you don’t have to sit down and make the same pair of pants in the near future.

Repair with your own cloth sheets

Do you have pieces of fabric at home that you don’t know what to do with? Let them work as patches! Buy Vlieseline and cut out equal parts of it and the fabric, which covers the hole in the garment. Apply the Vlieseline according to the instructions on the package on the fabric pieces, and then apply the Vlieseline

reinforced fabric pieces on the pants. Feel free to reinforce the whole thing with a safety seam along the edge of the fabric patch.

Let the favorite character look forward in the tear

Don’t hide the hole, but make a fun detail of them instead! A fun way to make holes in clothes is to let the children’s favorite character look out from the hole. Choose a fabric with the children’s favorite character on. Cut a piece that fits into the hole with a margin, where the figure is placed in the middle so that it can look out the hole. Cut two strips of Vliesofix, both of which are as wide as the fabric. Apply them on the right side of the fabric piece at the top and bottom edge. Then apply the patch on the inside of the pants so that the figure looks forward through the tear. Sew a safety stitch around the fabric patch for extra durability.
Good luck with the fix!