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Discover The Truth About Conditioning Your Hair And Whether You Can Do It Too Much

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Conditioning your hair is an important part of your hair care procedure. A good shampoo will attract the grease and debris in your hair, allowing you to rinse them out. However, in the process, it will open the cuticles on your hair, which’s the outer layer. When these are open there is an increased risk of damage occurring to your hair. 

Conditioners smoothly the cuticles back down, ensuring the hair is protected and create a beautiful shine on your head. A good conditioner will reduce static in your hair and the number of split ends. In short, it will strengthen your hair.

But, you need the right product. It is best to choose a natural option such as something from the olaplex range. These are products that use natural ingredients and have been thoroughly researched and tested to show that they care for your hair. You should avoid any product with harsh chemicals present. 

How Often To Condition 

There is a lot of publicity at the moment regarding conditioning and co-conditioning. This is when you condition instead of shampooing your hair. The idea is that you lock the nutrients and good stuff into your hair, making it stronger and healthier but still clean. 

However, there are concerns over whether this is a good idea. Shampoo is designed to remove grease and debris, conditioners are not. They serve different roles and should be used together. 

It is worth noting that you can overdo it on your hair. Although it is recommended that you condition after shampooing, many experts are recommending that you shampoo every other day. This reduces the amount of damage you do to your hair by washing it daily. 

It logically follows that conditioning should only be done every other day, in keeping with the shampooing. 

Of course, everyone is different. It is important to do what feels right for your hair. The good news is that conditioning every day is unlikely to harm your hair. If it appears to help your hair, do it daily.  

Additional Thoughts

In many cases it’s not the shampooing or conditioning that damages your hair It is actually the drying process. Using heat tools can strip the moisture and the protective oil from your hair, leaving it looking flat. That’s why it’s a good idea to avoid the tools once or twice a week and let your hair dry naturally. 

This will keep the benefits of shampooing and conditioning and make your hair stronger and healthier. 

One thing is certain, shampoo and conditioner fulfill two separate roles and both are essential for healthy hair. Regardless of how often you intend to wash your hair; you should use both products and avoid anything that tells you it is a shampoo and conditioner. 

If you really need a two-in-one then go with a shampoo and body wash. This still isn’t the best of ideas but it does keep the conditioner separate.