Saturday, June 22

How to Create Unbeatable Custom Lipstick Boxes of Your Dreams

What you put inside your custom lipstick packaging can make all the difference in the world when it comes to both customer satisfaction and sales, but what really matters most? Custom lipstick boxes! These boxes are as unique as your brand, and just like your marketing, they should be tailored to your customers and help them feel like they’re part of something bigger than just another lipstick sale. Here are some tips on how to create unbeatable custom lipstick boxes that will help you to grow your business while delighting your customers.

Essential supplies

If you’re creating your own custom lipstick packaging for a brand, then there are a few items you’ll need to ensure your project goes as smoothly as possible.

  • First, you’ll want boxes that are easy to fold and open.
  • Next, consider choosing a box that opens at one end—this will make it easier to retrieve your lipsticks and will also cut down on wasted space in which items can get damaged or lost.
  • Finally, be sure to look into embellishment options; while they’re not necessary (and can actually add quite a bit to cost), they do allow you more creative freedom than a basic lipstick box would.

Step 1.Gather Your Materials

The most important aspect of creating custom lipstick boxes is making sure you have everything you need to start. The first step, obviously, is to gather your supplies—the type and quantity will depend on what kind of lip balm or lipstick you’re packaging. To make a lip balm box, for example, all you need are two sheets of cardstock paper and an X-acto knife (or other sharp object). If your project calls for a pre-made lipstick tube, however, you’ll also need some scissors or tin snips; either way is fine but tin snips will make your life a lot easier because they work faster.

Step 2.Paint Away!

The next step is to paint away! If you’re having fun, chances are others will have fun too. You can create a custom design for your custom lipstick packaging on a computer or you can draw it by hand and color it in as well. Make sure that it is filled with bold and exciting colors. Then print out your design onto an 8 1⁄2 x 11 sheet of paper, keeping in mind what size box you want to make your lipstick case. By doing these steps, you will be able to create your own unique custom lip balm packaging for special event like a wedding or party. You may even be able to sell some lipstick boxes at events to other people who are looking for new packaging ideas too!

Step 3.Prepare the Box

Now, prepare your box. If you are working with custom lip balm boxes manufacturers, they will most likely have in stock a variety of base materials from which to choose. Take advantage of his expertise and insight, as it is up to him to know what works best for your brand’s needs. He can let you know if it’s best to use paperboard or plastic, different kinds of plastics and how they affect presentation, any extra costs related to creating custom lipstick packaging boxes made out of metal or wood. Remember that they all need a lining or some kind of backing material such as foam board in order to prevent them from bowing. You may want to find out how your boxes will be sealed as well.

 Step 4.Tape Down the Labels

One of the favorite tricks when it comes to custom lipstick packaging is taping down your labels. By securing them with tape before placing them on your lip balm boxes, you’re preventing any issues that might arise from uneven adhesives or off-center application. The end result will look professional and clean! Plus, you won’t have to worry about bubbles or air pockets between your label and container. Another benefit is that the labels are much easier to remove than they would be if they were just stuck on with adhesive alone. And believe me, you want to be able to swap out different designs easily.


Step 5.Seal Up the Box With Glossy Accents Polish

In order to prevent smudging, be sure to seal off your custom lipstick packaging with glossy accents polish. Don’t worry—it will protect both you and your customers from a mascara-style disaster later on! It’s okay if there are still a few rough edges that aren’t smoothed out. They will get covered up when you tape your boxes closed.

Step 6.Cover All Edges with Glue Dots

Custom lip balm boxes tops can be covered with glue dots to conceal raw edges and add a professional touch. Make sure to cut in close around all text, brand names and graphics so that there are no stray pieces left exposed. Glue dots won’t hold up as well if they get wet, so make sure that your lipstick box tops are dry before applying them .After attaching, be sure to let them sit overnight for full adhesion.


You can make your custom lipstick packaging boxes, and it’s cheaper than you think. Once you understand your options and compare costs, there’s really no reason to skimp on these very visible elements of your brand. In fact, as we mentioned above, you’re likely going to see a significant boost in the sale of lipsticks with custom printed lipstick boxes if your packaging is both memorable and high-quality.

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