Wednesday, July 24

Concealers That Help Remove Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Are you having trouble with dark circles under your eyes? Have you tried many different products but do not think anything helps?

Is there any good concealer that lights up and gives a slightly more attractive look? In this post, we share our best tips and products to removing dark circles under your eyes.

How to remove dark circles under your eyes

One mistake that many people make with concealers is to apply a too-light concealer directly. You think “I want to lighten my dark rings under my eyes”, so the brighter the concealer the better!

But no. What happens is that instead you get foggy gray and nothing has happened. Since you are often a little light blue under the eyes, you have to neutralize this blue shade before you light up under the eyes. Especially if you have very dark rings. Blue shades are best neutralized with a concealer that leans towards pink or orange. Avoid yellow under the eyes. (unless you need to neutralize red). If you are light in the skin then a concealer with pink undertones usually works best, if you are a little darker then you should choose a shade that is more towards orange and then apply a shade that is closer to one’s own natural skin tone.

If you are light in the skin you can possibly get away with 1 concealer, but most people need 2. This way, you can neutralize the color under the eyes first and then brighten up and even out with the lighter concealer afterward. It is also important that you choose a concealer with a lot of pigment. So a concealer that covers very well.

If you have mature skin, (40+) you should keep in mind not to apply too much product under the eyes as it can accentuate lines and bags even more. Then it is extra important to choose the right shade.

Remove circles under the eye tips

Nvey Eco’s Creme Deluxe Flawless Foundation

It’s a foundation, but it can be used as a concealer as it has a nice texture and the colors. It has very good coverage and sits well. Not too matte but not too greasy.

RMS Beauty Un Cover up (concealer/foundation)

RMS Beauty has come out with more shades in their Un Cover up (concealer/foundation), which means just more shades with more pink/peachy undertones. Note that RMS beauty’s concealer is very moisturizing and wonderfully oily in texture, so in some cases you have to apply some loose powder on top to make it sit longer).

We think you will find a combination that works for you in the end, but sometimes it takes a little testing and experimentation to succeed!