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Buying a Used and Refurbished Robot? Here are the Answers to all your Questions

A used and refurbished robot is a machine that has been used by another business in the past. With a specialist in-depth understanding of robots, a secondhand robot can readily be revived after refurbishment. A used robot’s lifespan can be increased to be comparable to that of a new robot by properly refurbishing it.

Used robots go through careful examinations and are thoroughly cleaned as part of the refurbishment process. Moreover, the machine providers also change the oil and broken components. Before shipping the finished product, service providers thoroughly examine the machine’s wiring and cables in order to make it compatible for further use. Before being sent out, every single refurbished robot goes through a minimum of 10,000 hours of genuine shop floor testing. All of the robots’ technical parameters are examined and compared with the standards throughout this testing phase.


Benefits to the Users

Cost Benefits

Customers who choose a refurbished robot option can save 30–70% of the cost as compared to a new robot. Businesses can maintain their competitiveness in their market by purchasing a refurbished robotic system for a small portion of the price of a new one. Robo Sapiens only sells high-grade robots with warranties as far as quality is concerned. Additionally, it offers faster ROI. Refurbished robots are less expensive, and businesses can quickly realize a return on their investment. Industrial robots are a long-term investment that will pay off through higher production, superior product quality, lower operating expenses, and quicker cycle times. 

Familiarity and Reliability

The operators will benefit from already being familiar with a refurbished robot if the purchased robot is the same as or comparable to the robot that is currently in use. Additionally, a refurbished robot is just as trustworthy as a brand-new one, so buying one does not mean you have to sacrifice quality. Six-axis robots that have undergone considerable repair are further inspected to provide a new-machine-like experience to the users. When maintained properly, factory robots can last for several years to several decades.


Whether the Refurbished Robots Come with a Warranty and Maintenance Support?

Various firms offer warranty and maintenance support to users for their refurbished robots. For instance, brands like Robo Sapiens Automation and KUKA sell all refurbished robots with a warranty, which ranges from 3 months to 1 year. Both current and potential customers can get all the spare part support they need from Robo Sapience Automation. 

Several times, the device needs replacement of a spare part, which could be covered in the warranty. However, policies differ from firm to firm. Keep in mind that each robotic manufacturing company has its own set of rules and regulations. Make sure to enquire about the seller’s shipping, warranty, and returns policies before buying refurbished robots. There are high chances of buying a defective robots from businesses that don’t provide warranties and have rules that only benefit them.


What are the Prominent Brands to Deal?

Like in any other business, the highest-quality and most effective products are those made by reputable robot manufacturers. They often survive for decades before displaying symptoms of wear, even after being renovated. At the same time, it is simple to find replacement parts for robots made by well-known brands. As a result, there will be little downtime even if one of your refurbished robots breaks down because of the ease of access to OEM spare parts. Among others, Kuka, Autotech Robotics, Eurobots, Global Robots, CyberWeld, IRSA ROBOTICS, and Surplex are some of the well-known companies that deal in the used and refurbished robots industry.


Other Factors that need to be Examined:


Consider watching the robot in action before the workforce installs it. Some manufacturers provide consumers the chance to test their goods in-house. Check each component for damage. In the event that you discover a problem with the robot, including the exterior and interior of the robot, inform the firm. Apart from that, also check for controller cabinet, broken or incorrect components, along with inspecting the cables and connectors. 


Through automation and more effective operations, refurbished robots make it simpler for small and medium-sized business owners to compete with larger firms in their industry. The most recent remanufactured robots are quite user-friendly and are simple to calibrate to provide the outcomes you need.


Final Thoughts

Used and Refurbished robots have potential scope in the future as it reduces the expenses of the company. It majorly benefits start-ups and small enterprises having low budgets. It is one of the prominent factors shaping the scope of the used and refurbished robot. Astute Analytica reports that the global Used and Refurbished Robot Market is expected to grow at a tremendous compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.1% during the forecast period, i.e., 2022 to 2028.