Wednesday, July 24

7 Best Glitter Eyeshadows You’ll Love

How to Get Your Glitter Makeup to Stay

There are occasions when you want to spice up your makeup and look. And in these cases, eyeshadow can be really helpful.

Something as little as eye shadow with glitter can go a long way. Glittery makeup has become a trend again and if you have done the makeup properly you can look like a movie star. There are many glitter eyeshadows out there, but equally many that are not worth using. In this post, we share our favorite glitter eyeshadows.

What is an eye shadow?

Eye shadow is used to accentuate, enlarge, or reduce the eyes, often in conjunction with mascara, kajal or eyeliner. Eye shadow is an important part of your makeup and can change the look a lot.

Eye shadow is available in many different colors, shimmering and matte, etc .. When choosing the color you should think about your skin tone and contour of the eye, besides what do you want to emphasize ?. Light colors highlight the eye and dark colors shade the eye.

Eye shadow is available as pressed and loose powder as a cream, as a pin and as mineral makeup. Eye shadow may be animal tested or non-animal tested.

How to apply an eye shadow?

If you are serious about your makeup, start with an eye shadow primer. It works like a regular primer, except it is designed to be used for the eyes.

If you use an eye shadow primer before, it is easier to apply eye shadow and it will also stay better. When you apply the eyeshadow, you can use a makeup brush or just your index finger.

Which color should you choose?

What do you want to emphasize? is it the eye color or to achieve that wow look. There is information on the web about which shade suits best for different eye colors, you should also figure out which color suits you best.

How much does an eye shadow cost?

It depends on whether you should only buy one color or if you want a whole palette. Then there are different price ranges, ranging from the a few dollars up to several hundred. Maybe it’s better to bet on a little more expensive eyeshadow if you really want the best results.

BellaPierre Cosmetic Glitter stack

Glitter with versatile use that gives you more glitter for everyday life. Apply these glitter to eyes, hair, lips, body or why not to your hot tub to enliven your bath time! Loose and body glitter is fun, versatile and extremely sparkly. Give your everyday life a little more glitter that you can use anywhere.

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Metallic Glitter Style Star

These little glitter jars come in six ultra-reflective shades – from deep bronze to holographic pink and sand-colored gold – that really make your face, or body art, shine.

Glitter Goals Liquid Eyeshadow, NYX Professional Makeup Eye Shadow

This is a lightweight and fluid eyeshadow that covers your eyelids with magical, shimmering color. The product is available in eight shimmering shades and was one of the soft, liquid colors that are dotted with shine and are easy to apply. Use them alone or on top of a powder eyeshadow to create lots of looks that can be built up and toned.

Nyx Professional Glitter Palette

Eye shadow palette with many glittery high pigmented shadows. Perfect for all occasions when you want to sparkle a little extra.

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Glitter Primer Face Makeup

Aolailiya 24 Color Pressed Glitter Eyeshadow Palette

Wet n wild Fantasy Makers Glitter Palette