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16 Effective Stress-Busting Techniques for Unwinding After a Long Week

What is your best stress-busting technique after a long week? Here is what 16 thought leaders have to say.

  • Laugh Your Stress Away
  • Unplug for the Weekend
  • Mountain Retreat with Friends
  • Sculpting for Stress Relief
  • Mindfulness and Quality Time
  • Engage in Creative Flow
  • Gardening for Serenity and Accomplishment
  • Forest Bathing for Peaceful Solitude
  • Disconnect from Technology
  • Craft Miniature Furniture for Calm
  • Slow Down with Movies and Sleep
  • Soothing Sound Therapy Session
  • Run to Release Tension
  • Nature Walks for Tranquility
  • Daily Gratitude Practice
  • Connect with Nature Outdoors


Laugh Your Stress Away

For me, a good laugh can always turn things around when you’ve had a bad day or a really long week. Laughter makes me feel better and is known to release endorphins that make us feel good almost instantly. I, therefore, always try to incorporate some fun and laughter into my weekends after working long hours.


I try to plan a night out with friends to see a funny movie, or simply to be in their company, which can pick up my mood instantly. Comedy shows are also a great source of laughter and encourage me not to spend the entire weekend indoors. I actively seek out ways to boost my mood as it brings me instant stress relief. My biggest tip to make this effective is to plan ahead because when the weekend rolls around and you have no plans, it becomes tougher to engage in activities.


Meghan Freed, Managing Co-Partner, Freed Marcroft


Unplug for the Weekend

One of the best things I can do when the weekend comes is to completely shut work down. That means not checking my email and turning my computer off. Taking that full-on two-day break helps me decompress and focus on life outside of work for a longer period of time. Whatever happens on Saturday and Sunday can wait until Monday morning.


Kelli Anderson, Career Coach, Texas General Insurance


Mountain Retreat with Friends

Living in Andorra, a tiny micro-nation nestled in the gorgeous Pyrenees Mountains, my go-to for releasing stress after a long week at work is to pack my hiking or ski-touring kit (depending on the season), grab a group of friends, and head to one of the mountain huts for a night of fun and laughter. Hiking or ski touring our way into the mountains—while carrying up all our supplies—is an intense physical effort that helps me to be present in the moment and not think about the stressors of the week. The celebrations shared around the fireplace that follow—made all the more enjoyable because of the effort to get there, the fresh mountain air, and the stunning scenery—are the icing on the cake to put the week behind me and remember all that is good in my life.


Guy Sharp, Relocation Manager, Andorra Guides


Sculpting for Stress Relief

One effective stress-busting technique I turn to after a long week is engaging in a therapeutic hobby, such as making miniature clay sculptures. While it may seem unusual, this activity provides a creative and immersive outlet for relieving accumulated stress. By taking a small lump of clay and molding it into various shapes and figures, I am able to temporarily detach from the pressures of everyday life and focus solely on the tactile experience unfolding in my hands. The act of sculpting allows me to channel my emotions into the malleable material, providing not only a sense of accomplishment but also an avenue for self-expression. As I shape and refine each sculpture with intricate details, it becomes almost meditative, soothing frayed nerves and calming my mind. This particular stress-busting technique brings about a sense of tranquility by offering moments of mindfulness, creativity, and personal reflection amidst the chaos of everyday life.


Tasia Duske, CEO, Museum Hack


Mindfulness and Quality Time

After a demanding week in criminal law, my go-to stress-busting technique is immersive mindfulness through activities like meditation or a calming hobby. Taking time to disconnect and refocus allows me to recharge mentally and emotionally. Additionally, spending quality time with family and friends, engaging in outdoor activities, or enjoying a good book provides a healthy balance. This intentional downtime is crucial for maintaining resilience and ensuring sustained effectiveness in the high-stakes legal environment.


Ahmad Faraj, Owner, Principal and Senior Criminal Lawyer, Faraj Defence Lawyers


Engage in Creative Flow

Although relaxing is a helpful technique for reducing stress after a long week, for me, I prefer to stay busy. The weekends fly by, and I like to use that time wisely for my own creative outlets. Participating in creative tasks often leads to a state of ‘flow,’ where I become fully immersed in the activity. The flow state is associated with a sense of timelessness and heightened focus, offering a reprieve from stress. I also find that creative expression can act as a form of catharsis, which helps me to release pent-up tension and stress. This process of emotional release can be therapeutic and contribute to a sense of mental and emotional well-being. 


In my free time, I like to work on puzzles, doodle, and simply experiment with different creative hobbies. It helps me to have something to look forward to and to express my creativity.


Peter Sanders, Director, Prince William Pottery


Gardening for Serenity and Accomplishment

I find it extremely beneficial to engage in physical tasks that allow me to channel my energy while also accomplishing something worthwhile. One example is gardening. It’s not only therapeutic but also enables me to make my living space more beautiful. It’s a stress reliever that yields tangible results—every time I look at the blooming flowers or the growing plants, I feel a sense of accomplishment and tranquility. Additionally, gardening requires focus and attention, which allows me to take my mind off work-related stressors. Gardening also provides an opportunity for physical activity, which is known to release endorphins—the feel-good hormones that enhance mood and reduce stress levels.


David Rubie-Todd, Co-Founder and Marketing Head, Sticker It


Forest Bathing for Peaceful Solitude

My go-to stress reliever is a practice known as forest bathing. Just last Friday, feeling the weight of numerous decisions and meetings, I escaped to a nearby wooded area. Immersing myself in the tranquility of nature, I slowly walked through the forest, letting the serene environment envelop me. The sounds of rustling leaves and distant bird calls acted as a natural symphony, easing my mind. This simple act of connecting with nature, away from the buzz of technology and the pace of the corporate world, refreshes me profoundly. It’s in these moments of peaceful solitude among the trees that I find my most effective reprieve.


Sandra Malouf, President, Eurolog Packing Group


Disconnect from Technology

After a long week of work or school, it’s important to give your mind and body some time to relax and recharge. One of the best ways to do this is by taking a break from technology. Constantly checking emails, scrolling through social media, or watching TV can actually increase stress levels. Instead, try going for a walk, reading a book, or spending time with loved ones without any screens distracting you. Disconnecting from technology can help clear your mind and give you a much-needed break.


Danny Colacicco, Founder and CEO, Panda Pro Home Buyers


Craft Miniature Furniture for Calm

After a long week, finding the most effective stress-busting technique is crucial for relaxation and rejuvenation. One unconventional method that has proven highly beneficial for me is creating intricate miniature dollhouse furniture. This craft involves meticulous detailing and precision, providing a cathartic escape from everyday worries. By focusing intently on the delicate pieces, carefully painting and assembling them, I am able to immerse myself in a calming world of creativity and craftsmanship. The process demands intense concentration, enabling me to temporarily disconnect from stressful thoughts while allowing my mind to wander freely in the realm of imagination. The satisfaction of completing each tiny furniture piece instills a sense of accomplishment and tranquility, effectively alleviating all accumulated tension and anxiety from the long workweek.


Carly Hill, Operations Manager, Virtual Holiday Party


Slow Down with Movies and Sleep

There’s nothing like a Friday night movie on the couch with the knowledge that you get to sleep in the next morning. Between owning a business, having two children active in sports, and home responsibilities, I use my Friday night and Saturday morning to recharge and take life at a much slower pace. I make no plans and take time to simply exist. It’s such a drastic change from my normal busy lifestyle, but it’s exactly what I need to keep me motivated and happy.


Alli Hill, Founder and Director, Fleurish Freelance


Soothing Sound Therapy Session

I indulge in the art of sound therapy. I set aside some quiet time, put on headphones, and listen to soothing and relaxing sounds such as raindrops, ocean waves, or gentle instrumental music. This allows me to escape the noise and busyness of everyday life, creating a serene and calming environment. The power of sound helps me unwind, reduces stress levels, and promotes a sense of tranquility. It’s a way to find inner peace and recharge my energy after a demanding week.


Connor Ondriska, Co-Founder and CEO, SpanishVIP


Run to Release Tension

Running is my go-to stress-busting technique. But the problem is, I often find myself too tired to even lace up my shoes by the end of a long week. However, if I can push myself out the door, I always feel better afterward.


The dopamine and endorphins released during a run are enough to melt away any stress or tension from the week. I can also think about anything else during my run, whether it’s planning for the next week or just letting my mind wander. It’s a great way to clear my head and de-stress.


Even if I can’t run for very long, just getting outside and moving my body helps to release any built-up tension. If my knees are feeling particularly sore, I’ll opt for a long walk instead. The fresh air and relaxing the mind while getting some exercise is a winning combo for stress relief.


Burak Özdemir, Founder,


Nature Walks for Tranquility

After a demanding week, my go-to stress-busting technique involves immersing myself in nature. I escape the digital buzz and retreat to a local park or nature trail. The simplicity of a leisurely walk among trees, the gentle rustle of leaves, and the fresh air work wonders. It’s a pause button for the mind, offering tranquility and a chance to reset. 


This nature-centric approach not only relieves stress but also fosters a deeper appreciation for life’s simplicity. The key takeaway is that amidst the hustle, a connection with nature acts as a potent stress antidote, rejuvenating the mind and paving the way for a balanced and refreshing weekend.


Himanshu Sharma, CEO and Founder, Academy of Digital Marketing


Daily Gratitude Practice

Cultivating a daily gratitude practice is a powerful tool for managing stress and enhancing overall well-being.


In the fast-paced and often demanding environment of a law firm, it’s easy to become consumed by the pressures and challenges of the job. However, taking just a few moments each day to intentionally focus on what we’re grateful for can have profound effects on our mental and emotional state.


By acknowledging and appreciating the blessings in our lives, whether it’s our health, relationships, professional accomplishments, or the simple pleasures of everyday life, we can shift our perspective from one of stress and negativity to one of appreciation and positivity. This practice not only helps to counteract the negative effects of stress but also fosters resilience, enabling us to navigate challenges with greater ease and grace. 


Over time, incorporating gratitude into our daily routine can lead to profound shifts in mindset, promoting greater happiness, satisfaction, and overall life fulfillment.


Brian C. Stewart, Litigation Attorney, Parker & McConkie


Connect with Nature Outdoors

After looking at the same four walls all week, it really helps me to remove myself from that environment and connect with nature as much as I can. Whether it’s a park, garden, or a nature walk, connecting with nature can have a calming effect, and it helps you to release a lot of the stress you feel from a long week.


I find that nature provides a restorative environment that allows you to recover from mental fatigue, and I tend to feel more focused once the workweek starts again. Even in the colder months, I make sure to get outdoors and increase my movement. Having access to green spaces or natural environments can mitigate the impact of stressors and contribute to a more resilient response to life’s challenges.


Najaf Ali, Director, Urban Leather Jackets