Wednesday, July 24

10 Things Only Siblings Understand: A Hilarious Take on Sibling Relationships

Growing up with siblings can is a wild ride of laughter, tears, and memories that last a lifetime. Our dear siblings are often the first friends we make in life, and they are there with us through thick and thin. They know our deepest secrets and most embarrassing moments but love us anyway. 


Having a sibling means that you have a confidant for life, something that we take for granted in our childhood. Isn’t that the truth? There was a time when Raksha Bandhan meant only sweets and presents for our young minds, but as we grow older, it has become more meaningful. From making faces at our brothers while tying Rakhi to going the extra mile by opting for online rakhi delivery in Lucknow, Delhi, Pune or wherever they live, we have definitely come a long way.  


We all have had a crazy time with our siblings, and nobody can deny this. So, let’s take this time to reflect on the unique connection we share with our brothers and sisters. Let’s dive in and see if you can relate to these sibling moments!


You can’t remember who started the fight 


Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a heated argument with your sibling, only to realize you have no idea why you’re fighting in the first place? Siblings have a way of pushing each other’s buttons like no one else can, and sometimes it’s hard to remember who started it all. But in the end, you always make up and move on because that’s what siblings do.


You have your own language 


Whether it’s secret code words or inside jokes, siblings often have their own unique way of communicating. You can have entire conversations with just a look or a gesture, and no one else will have a clue what you’re talking about. It’s like having your own little world that only the two of you can understand.


You know each other’s strengths and weaknesses 


Siblings have been around each other for so long that they know each other better than anyone else. You know what makes your brother or sister tick, what makes them laugh, and what pushes their buttons. And because of that, you also know how to support them when they need it most.


You have a built-in support system 


Whatever life throws at you, your siblings will always have your back. They’re the ones you turn to when you need a shoulder to cry on, a cheerleader when you need motivation or just someone to binge-watch your favourite show with. And they’ll always be there, no matter what.


You can be your true self around them 


With siblings, there’s no need to put on a facade or pretend to be someone you’re not. They’ve seen you at your best and your worst, but they still love you anyway. With them, you can let your guard down and be your true, authentic self without fear of judgment or rejection.


You have a lifetime of shared memories 


From childhood adventures to family vacations, siblings have a lifetime of shared memories that no one else can understand. These memories bind you together in a way that’s hard to describe but easy to feel. And no matter how much time passes, those memories will always be a part of your relationship, especially the ones from when you celebrated Raksha Bandhan with them. So, the next time you plan to send online Rakhi to Chandigarh, Mumbai or anywhere else worldwide, take a moment to recollect these memories and smile. 


You know how to push each other’s buttons 


Sometimes you do it on purpose. Siblings have a unique ability to annoy each other. Whether it’s stealing each other’s clothes, playing pranks, or just getting on each other’s nerves, there’s always a little bit of teasing and poking fun involved. But in the end, it’s all in good fun and just adds to your bond.


You have a love-hate relationship 


Let’s be honest; siblings can drive each other crazy sometimes. But no matter how much you fight or bicker, you still love each other to the moon and back. It’s a complicated, messy, and beautiful relationship that only siblings can understand.


You’re fiercely protective of each other


When it comes to siblings, there’s an instinct to protect each other from harm. Whether it’s standing up to a bully on the playground or defending each other in a family argument, siblings support each other. And woe to anyone who messes with one of them because they’ll have to face the wrath of the other.


You share everything 


This is bound to happen whether you want to or not. Siblings have a way of sharing everything, from clothes to food to living spaces to new baby picture books for siblings. And sometimes, that sharing can get a little too close for comfort. But even if you don’t always love the idea of sharing everything with your sibling, you know it’s just part of the deal.